Helping OVPUE build a richer undergraduate experience at IU

Since 2014, the OVPUE Student Advisory Board has conducted detailed research on important issues and opportunities for undergraduate education at Indiana University, Bloomington. The Student Advisory Board's feedback, conclusions, and suggestions are compiled into reports and presentations to university leadership which have helped to guide decision making around dozens of campus- and system-wide initiatives led by the office.

Below you'll find a sample of the projects and reports completed by the Student Advisory Board.

2018-2019 Projects

Graphic of a chart showing that academic guidance and non-academic guidance produce a successful transition for transfer students

Food Insecurity + Obstacles Facing Transfer Students

Margaret Schnabel, Chase Salmon, Hunter Gleason, Ryan Sohns, Rachel Desmarais, & Laxmi Palde

What can IU Bloomington do to ensure that students who transfer from other campuses and universities are successful?

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Graphic with text Counterproductive University Policies

Counterproductive University Policies

Gabi Cantor, Avi Jain, Alec Theisz, Amna Ahmed, Adam Lu, Hana Shafique, & Sruthi Ganapaneni

Which university policies may inadvertently harm students or inhibit their success?

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New graduates in their caps and gowns.

Enhanced Transcripts

Lauren Meadows, Emily Tong, Gabrielle Cantor, Margaret Schnabel, & Naomi Farahan

Should IU Bloomington invest in showing student engagement experiences on official transcripts?

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Students in a chemistry lecture. Professor is holding a balloon animal model of a molecule.

Late-stage Retention and Graduation Rates

Christopher Herodotou, Joseph Cullather, & Evan Wallbruch

Why do some third- and fourth-year students fail to complete degrees?

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SAB members working on their laptops

OVPUE SAB Self-assessment

Avi Jain, Amee Sangani, & Rehan Coskun

How can the SAB better serve OVPUE and the IUB campus?

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Portion of a decision tree from the report Post-matriculation Transfer Credit

Post-matriculation transfer credit at IU Bloomington

Tom Sweeny & Margaret Schnabel

What are the reasons IUB students choose to take certain courses on other campuses?

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